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Over 100 certified nursing training video modules designed to help nursing students improve their clinical skills.

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Anatomy & Physiology

Detailed information on anatomy and physiology along with other components and functions of the human body.


The Reproductive System

An introduction to the organs and functions of the reproductive system. This includes genes, organs, and functions.


Physical Assessment

Demonstrates and describes a step-by-step approach to a head-to-toe assessment used for screening during inpatient or outpatient care.


Normal Heart Sounds

Cardiac auscultation provides information about the rate and rhythm of the heart, valve functioning and possible anatomical defects.


Incontinence Care

Demonstration of important skills to provide supportive care to incontinent individuals that lessens embarrassment and discomfort.


Patient Communications

Explores the components of effective speaking and listening skills in today's fast-paced healthcare facility. A prerequisite for other programs in the series.


Medication Administration

Describe pharmacokinetics and the safe administration of medications and demonstrates the proper practices required in order to help prevent medication errors.


Infection Control Skills

Review of the basic but very important infection control practices to prevent the spread of illnesses: creating a sterile field, handwashing, and glove usage.

Nursing School Participation

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The participating nursing school will receive rights to utlize these new educational videos at NO cost. These new video modules are:

  • An ideal fit for Associate Degree & BSN nursing programs.
  • Compliant with federal regulations and certified by ANCC for NCPD contact hours.
  • Updated to reflect the most current clinical practice standards.
  • Offer high production quality to improve student engagement and retention.
  • License Rights to 40 modules produced each year with an annual production budget of more than $300,000.
  • Access to an enhanced learning platform with sharing controls, clip-maker, and user metric reports.

Overview of

The following brief descriptions are just a few of the training topics included in this new educational series.

Abnormal Breath Sounds

Listening to breath sounds can reveal important diagnostic information about many health conditions related to respiratory function. Because of this, auscultation of the lungs is one of the most valuable clinical assessment skills for caregivers to develop. The functional basis of breath sounds is described, important characteristics are defined including pitch, intensity and duration. Principles of sound transmission and the significance of voice sounds to assessment findings are discussed.

The Digestive System

The digestive system is one of the body system in the Anatomy and Physiology series. This series is a quick-paced and engaging basic introduction to anatomy and physiology appropriate for students in high school, junior college, vocational schools and for nursing schools. This program describes the following processes of the digestive system and their corresponding components: Ingestion; Mechanical Processing; Secretion; Digestion; Absorption; Excretion; Lymph Vessels.

Head-to-Toe Assessment

These videos demonstrate and describes a step-by-step approach to an initial head-to-toe assessment that would be used for screening when providing either inpatient or outpatient care. This includes collecting both subjective and objective data of key body systems for use in an assessment. These accredited programs provides a foundational understanding of this process. The objectives include: After completing this course, the learner should be able to: List key questions to ask when taking the patient’s history.

The Challenge of Healthcare Literacy

For many people, it is challenging to keep up with the recent changes to the world of healthcare. Prescriptions and medical instructions can created a level of confusion for many members of the population to where they are unable to understand their own healthcare needs nor make informed choices. Healthcare professionals must make every effort to provide healthcare information in a comprehensible format, without creating a sense of shame for those who struggle with healthcare literacy.

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These NCPD video modules are being produced through a collaboration between three companies: ProQuest, Medical Learning Institute, Inc, and Mission Critical Health. ProQuest is a leader in EdTech. ProQuest's products are discipline-focused, primary-source collections, websites, and streaming media for learners and researchers. ProQuest's "Academic Video Online" is the most comprehensive video subscription available to schools and libraries. Medical Learning Institute, Inc. is a non-profit provider of evidence-based continuing education designed to impact the practice behavior of the healthcare team leading to improve patient outcomes. Mission Critical Health is a healthcare production company focused on improving patient outcomes through high-quality educational video, audio, and animation.

The participating nursing school will receive this updated catalog of certified nurse education training videos for FREE, a value of more than $900,000. These videos will be delivered as video files or accessed via an enhanced administrative LMS portal, a subscription value of $150,000 over 10 years. The participating nursing school can use the filming of these videos as an opportunity for students to participate in each of the skill demonstrations. The nursing school will also be seen nationally and internationally as a leading provider of nursing education.

Located in Florida, Mission Critical Health is seeking to collaborate with a nursing school with a physical location in Florida. The nursing school will provide shoot locations, necessary equipment and materials for each skill demonstration, as well as on-camera participants. The nurse(s) performing the demonstrations should be proficient with the skill being filmed and the "patient" will simply be a volunteer nurses or student playing the part of the patient. *Volunteer patients will receive compensation.

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