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Mission Critical Health Introduction

MCH's patient, professional education and healthcare investor relations videos have targeted distribution throughout healthcare facilities and investor platforms nationwide.

Education Collaboration Partner

According to Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, "Studies have shown that 40-80% of the medical information patients are told during office visits is forgotten immediately, and nearly half of the information retained is incorrect."

It is difficult for both patients and healthcare providers to keep up with ever-increasing pace of research and recently-approved treatments. MCH embraces our role to support health educators to improve patient literacy and drive the adoption of healthcare best practices. MCH assists health educators in the creation and publishing of comprehensive trust-worthy content focusing on improving communication between patient and provider with the following goals:

Mission CRITICAL: indispensable, vital, crucial

Mission Critical Health (MCH) works with health educators to strengthen primary-care and community health systems through education. When a health educator calls on MCH, they immediately receive expanded bandwidth to develop educational content for their health system. Our team of experienced producers, board-certified medical writers and on-camera talent make MCH an ideal partner to lean on when content development projects exceed internal capacity. MCH's long-term goal is to meet the objectives of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement known as the “TRIPLE AIM”. Those objectives are:

1. Improve the health of the population
2. Enhance the patient experience of care, including quality, access and reliability
3. Reduce, or at least control, the per capita cost of care.

MCH embraces the idea that the entire healthcare system should seek to improve the well-being, education and engagement of the population. While our current educational efforts focus on the first two elements of the Triple Aim, we believe that improving the engagement and education of the population ultimately impacts a decrease in the cost of care.

MCH's public health programs and content development services are designed to improve the education of professionals and patients through improved information sharing. The delivery of healthcare education through media provides healthcare facilities and medical companies with a national platform to share Best Practices, new research results, demonstrate the efficacy of new bundles and to drive us all closer to our common goal to improve patient care.

MCH producers focus on the evidence-based results, proven tools, best practices, techniques and procedure that support healthcare professionals in their mission to improve public health, patient safety, reduce re-admissions and improve patient engagement. We provide educational, editorial, recommended journal article reading content placement, unbiased third party, integrated market mix, with demographic modeling for unified measurement. We have found this to be the best possible approach to content creation and distribution.

Editorial & Educational MCH Content Guidelines           Triple Aim IHI Triple Aim Overview           The Joint Commission Guide to Patient Engagement

Mission Critical Health Supports Compliance

The Joint Commission requires accredited hospitals provide appropriate patient education in a manner that meets the patient's oral and written communication level. The Joint Commission Report is an independent review of the videos and resources in the Hospital's library against current Joint Commission requirements for patient education and training citing accreditation standards, Elements of Performance and National Patient Safety Goals. Mission Critical Health works with healthcare organizations to develop patient education content to meet these standards.

The Joint Commission “Standards” refer to information printed in the current Hospital Accreditation Standards Manual and represent only a segment of the standards and/or Elements of Performance and National Patient Safety Goals. Healthcare organizations are required to comply with to meet accreditation requirements.

The Joint Commission What is Accreditation?

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Professional Audiences: Mission Critical Health content is distributed through professional journals and editorial websites with additional targeted delivery to industry stakeholder audiences. Additional distribution includes a national monthly audience of 3 million healthcare professionals in hospitals and private practices.

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Subject Matter Expert Participation: Mission Critical Health works with industry leaders to participate in each educational initiative. This ability to create content with in-depth expert interviews citing peer-reviewed evidence along with filming within research labs, healthcare facilities and clinical locations nationwide makes our content immediately trust-worthy.

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Patient Audiences: Each month Mission Critical Health content is distributed to multiple media outlets reaching a national audience of patients, their supportive family members and those interested in improving their lifestyle. We reach these audiences as captive viewers or behavior-based search results.

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General Audiences: The Mission Critical Health series is currently provided to local television news-channel websites and TV program directors representing 100 individual TV affiliates nationwide and distributed to 3,500 Public & Academic Libraries and 50,000 K-12th Grade Schools.

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