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Sponsoring Content

Most companies and organizations work diligently to control their messaging. Most are proactive and utilize earned, integrated and owned media as three legs to their communications strategy, while others are locked into an older model of communications consisting of just advertising and waiting for earned media to call. The traditional models of public relations and paid media continue to evolve but it is safe to say that in 2019 all corporate communications and public relations strategies should include targeted integrated story-telling editorial opportunities.

Native advertising, integrated editorial or sponsored editorial content, is a new opportunity for brands to promote owned content through traditional news channels. As news publishers contend with declining advertising and subscription revenue, the News publishers have introduced a new business model that is erasing the boundaries between earned and paid media. Many publishers are now open to turning brand-driven content into a form of advertising, with articles often labeled as “sponsored content.” In this model, content appears as an article or video within a traditional news section and is co-mingled with a publisher’s editorial content. Some ad companies are automating this paid syndication process by dropping sponsored links and images in the footer of related, but un-sponsored news articles.

The integration model, similar to traditional product placement, enables a brand to weave its name and message into a news article. MCH's producers first qualify the integration to ensure it is justified and supported with peer-reviewed evidence prior to approving the development of any integrated content. MCH writers develop editorial content separate from integrated content and MCH producers control all content development regardless of funding sources. Articles can also be written as "recommended reading" to include a sponsor as an attributed source. Native advertising is often deployed on social media. For many years, celebrities with large followings have been paid to tweet about a product or service as if the tweet were authentic. Now, news services with large followings are publishing integrated content in a paid media arrangement. The traditional models of public relations and paid media continue to evolve but it is safe to say that in 2019 all corporate communications and public relations strategies should include both earned editorial and targeted integrated editorial opportunities.

Mission Critical Health's trustworthy content attracts sponsors who pay to associate their products or services with our editorial content. MCH manages the sponsor attribution(s) utilizing the industry's accepted models. A series of sponsored content will be announced with a voice-over announcing, "This XYZ series is made possible through the generous contributions of individuals and organizations. This portion of the program is supported through a philanthropic contribution from..." or "Made possible in part by..." next to the sponsor's name or logo during the credits of the program. Alternatively, MCH's website may recognize integrated editorial supporters as a list of annual supporters. At no point do the sponsors direct which stories MCH covers, which people MCH interviews, or how we present our editorial content on television or our digital distribution services. The editorial content is commissioned and produced solely by MCH editorial staff or by external producers overseen by MCH editorial staff.

All content produced by MCH will meet educational and editorial guidelines.

Editorial Guidelines PDF

4 Production Formats

Mission Critical Health (MCH) selects interviews with industry stakeholders, public, private, non-profit and for-profit companies. Production guidelines persist throughout every piece of content MCH produces regardless of the funding source(s). MCH is currently seeking support to produce segments in the following 4 formats respectively.
30 Second Stock Market Report from NYSE or NASDAQ location - Host will cover four (4) stories per two (2) minute segment for morning news broadcast distribution.
5 Minute Stock Market Interview conducted from NYSE or NASDAQ location for distribution through Reuters Eikon, Editorial websites and Libraries nationwide.
2 Minute Report Studio Host will cover one (1) evidence-based report with Earned media distribution detailed on our Publishing page.
5 Minute Feature Story / Case Study is filmed on-location within the U.S. with Earned media distribution detailed on our Publishing page.


Captive Targeted Audiences:

Underwriters provide Sponsorship funding to support non-profit national campaigns, technology segments and Investor Relations interviews and Video Releases for the dissemination of important healthcare information to a national audience of 12 Million healthcare patients and professionals. Underwriters of these strategic non-profit initiatives will benefit from supporting Mission Critical Health and our non-profit partners in the following ways:

* Reaching Healthcare Providers: The Tier 1 network delivers valuable content to a large, attentive and responsive audience of healthcare executives, healthcare professionals, influential opinion leaders, and researchers. Recommended Reading inside peer-reviewed medical journals target this audience as they read the publication for clinical data.

* Strategic positioning within Hospitals, Clinics, Physician offices and Medical Journals: The decision to support a MCH educational initiative with a relatively small grant helps to deliver important patient care news and educational content to patients and healthcare providers. No other platform can deliver this audience with the comprehension, retention and participation levels like Mission Critical Health.

* Tax Deduction: Supporting Mission Critical Health comes with it the tax benefits of a 501(c)(3) donation. Credible editorial coverage helps position industry innovators as leaders within the industry. Mission Critical Health programs meet both editorial and PBS billboard "Red Book" guidelines. We strive to ensure important information is communicated in a professional, evidence-based approach. There should be no expectation of endorsement from the broadcasters of Mission Critical Health or increased sales as a direct outcome from participating in any of Mission Critical Health's programming. Mission Critical Health is an educational / editorial program, not a direct response or advertising program.

* Long format productions (30 min+): Such as documentaries will include PBS-compliant credits and a sponsor-recognition video billboard providing respectable exposure for sponsoring organizations. These billboards provide dedicated time to present the underwriting company's mission and logo. This branding positions the sponsor in front of patients, healthcare professionals and a national TV audience who have a strong interest in learning about healthcare challenges and solutions. Short format content does not include billboards or credits.

Please contact info@MissionCriticalHealth.com if you are interested in either participating in, supporting or receiving MCH public health content.

Custom Productions

Each Production is Unique

The development and delivery of each content message is unique to the targeted audience. Who is the audience? How is the audience accessing the content? How complex is the message being delivered? Is there a call to action or is the message strictly educational? How can the video treatment improve retention? Will graphics be used to deliver information or is content delivered via on-camera interviews? Is a studio the best location for filming or with a specific location better support the development of the story?

These are some of the questions that need to be answered prior to developing a production budget. MCH will work with you each step of the way to determine the best use of funds to get the best results. MCH can complete most productions in-house. The folowing list represents some of our in-house services:

* Concept Development & Story Board Services

* Script Writing, Copywriting and Content Adaptation

* Project Management & Production Coordination

* Talent Search and Casting

* Graphics & Motion Graphics

* HD Production & Post Production

* Filming Crews for Studio and Remote Locations

* Spanish Language Production, Voice Over and Translation Services

* Distribution on National, Local, OTT and Retail TV channels

* HD Production & Post Production

Using the "Schedule" button below you can talk with a MCH producer to receive a complementary estimate and needs analysis for your next media project.






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