Mission Critical Health is a publisher of evidence-based educational content.

Owned / Earned / Integrated

The first responsibility for the segment producers at Mission Critical Health is to identify a compelling story with supporting evidence. The earned and guaranteed distribution utilized by Mission Critical Health relies on the story's ability to engage a national healthcare audience. The distribution is a strategic blend of earned media, owned and guaranteed distribution on a multitude of targeted national and international media outlets.

Owned & Earned Media

Mission Critical Health provides guaranteed distribution of all approved content through Owned and Earned media outlets to a monthly viewing audience of 30 million .

Waiting Rooms

Educational content provider to 42,000 healthcare offices reaching 30 million Patients & Professionals monthly.

Publisher Integration

Approved provider to Medical publishers reaching 500,000 U.S. physicians and news services in 30 countries.

Libraries Worldwide

Curating award-winning content collections transforming the way people research, learn, and teach.

Journal Content Discovery

Recommended content from 4,500 Journals from 300 publishers frequented by 3 Million healthcare professionals.

Editorial Systems

Distribution to 100 local news websites, 550 news systems, 36,000 Journalist at more than 9,000 media organizations.

Integrated Media

Mission Critical Health (MCH) can boost impact through interviews on the Stock Exchanges in NY or through the creation of instructor lead educational materials or a thirty (30) second promotion with distribution through the integrated media options below.