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Milestones: significant points in development

Pre-Production Planning

Mission Critical Health works with our participants and clients to establish a production timeframe suitable for both parties. The following production milestones list is a general production process we follow for both studio shoots and remote shoots. The schedule below should be consider as the fundamental production process with the understanding that each production will require a customized production milestones schedule. The start day for pre-production planning begins upon agreement authorization and the initiation of filming and post-production will commence upon receipt of funding.

Day 1. Initial production planning meeting to plan the roundtable conversation with all participants to discuss possible shoot dates and locaitons. The Questionnaire is sent to participant.
Day 7. Questionnaire completed by participant emailed back to production team.
Day 14. Roundtable call with participant(s) and production team to solidify story-line and filming details.
Day 21. Production coordination and logistics completed, shoot itinerary, interview questions and outline sent to all participants and shoot location POCs.

Production Schedule

The Filming and Post-Production schedule will generally follow this outline buy may be extended if a production requires multiple days of filming to collect interviews and supporting b-roll footage. Any extension to the Production schedule will need to approved by all participating parties. MCH reserves the right to add additional post-production reviews to ensure technical and scientific accuracy.

Day 30. Shoot Day(s)
Day 35. Transcribe interviews with time code and logging of b-roll for outline purposes and begin OFFLINE edit.
Day 42. EDIT: Assemble Multicam OFFLINE edit for in-house review and story lock.
Day 50. EDIT: In-house changes, insert b-roll, Music and Graphics.
Day 55. Send out the first cut for participant's 1st scientific review.
Day 62. Edit client scientific accuracy modifications.
Day 65. Send to participants for 2nd review.
Day 72. Edit Final Changes
Day 75. Master, Archive, Distribute

Participant Time Commitment

Mission Critical Health has more than 20 years of experience producing educational and medical industrial videos, we have developed a production process to optimize the results and reduce excessive time investment from our participants.

1. Sign the production authorization that summarizes the production details and budget(s). (approx. 15 min)
2. Return questionnaire to our producers with additional supporting literature. (approx. 1-2 hours)
3. An invoice will be sent upon execution of the production authorization. In order to begin the production phase. The funding must be in-house within 30 days prior to filming.
4. Our production manager will contact you upon receipt of all required materials to prepare you for production. (approx. 30-45 min)
5. You will need to coordinate with our production manager regarding shoot location interview availability and other filming related requirements. (approx. 2-3 hours)
6. Typical shoot day is a full 10 hour day. (approx. 8 hours of filming with travel time and breaks included)
7. During the production cycle you will have an opportunity to review the research outline and post production edits for scientific and technical accuracy. (approx. 2-3 hours)






A Call with a Producer