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Production Equipment & Personnel

Production Services

Capital Media Group is a full service media communications and production company with 20 years experience in television production, public relations and media planning. CMG's participants and clients have access to all of the following services:

1. HD Video Production and Audio recording in-studio or on-location.

2. Full production management from creative development to final broadcast.

3. Background Research, Script Writing and Story Board outline development.

4. Animation both 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics.

4. Filming within a healthcare location, in the NASDAQ or NYSE studios or the MCH studio. utilizing green screen or physical set with professional talent, actors, voice-over professionals, or industry spokespersons.

5. Underwater and Aerial videography.

6. High Fidelity Audio Recording and foley effects, supporting audio for narration, film, simulators and animations.

7. Professional Voice-over Narration from multiple artists, male/female, young/old voices for the narration of video, audio books, users manuals, simulations, presentations and animations.

Remote shoots on-location include:
HD cameras with various prime lenses, filters, high speed, mounted, slider and tripoded cameras, teleprompter, boom, shotgun and lav microphones, monitors, silks, various light packages, submersible gear and certified dive camera operator(s), UAV camera & operator, steady cam, jib, dana and doorway dolly.

The production requirements will dictate the necessary talent. The following professional talent is available: Executive Producer, Director, Line Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Spanish Translator, Hair & Makeup Artist, Camera operator(s), audio engineer, grip and continuity and or time code assistant. Additional personnel can be provided as needed.

Studio Production equipment includes:
Sony, Cannon and Panasonic HD cameras, lenses, filters, jib, dana and doorway dolly, Green screen with psych, physical set(s), teleprompter, boom and lav microphones, monitors, silks, various light packages and configurations. Talent: Producer, Director, Floor Director, teleprompter operator, audio engineer, camera operator(s), hair & makeup artist, grip and continuity and or time code assistant.

Studio empty is 48’x42’. Height to the bottom of the lighting grid is 16’. With the set stored in the room and out of the way the studio is reduced to about 40’x40’ or so. There is a loading dock with a Doorway opening of 6’2” width in order to get equipment or sets into the studio. The Voice Over (VO) booth off of the audio room fits up to 2 voice talents. For recording sessions requiring a large group of people or foley props we use the studio.

Post Production includes:
Interview transcription and offline paper editing, Editing with Final cut Pro, After Effects, Motion, ProTools used in development of video, audio, animation, motion graphics or instructional / training presentations.

info@cmghd.com Psalm 90:17.

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